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Pakistan is an agricultural land. Our economy is also dependent on harvesting crops, fields, and farmers. The reason is that more than half of the population is related to the agriculture profession. It also plays a significant role in a country’s economy and is a backbone in the progress of a country. Nevertheless, Pakistan is under an electrical power crisis, and it’s almost impossible to withstand the agriculture industry without it. What’s the solution if farmers and agricultural landowners face load shedding? Greenxor is a leading company and offers Agricultural Solar Solutions in Pakistan.

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It’s a fact that rural areas are under extensive load shedding hours, which makes life difficult for everyone. Besides people, it’s not good for the agricultural land. You don’t need to worry if you are facing the same situation. At Greenxor, we offer the state-of-the-art agriculture solar system, farm solar installation system, Solar tube well system, solar irrigation, solar water pump systems, solar panel for farmers, and everything required.
Greenxor is one of the best agriculture solar power solution companies with a team of experts. We gave a solution after listening to you, analyzing your land, and determining the overall solution. We aim to provide you with the best solution that is economical and according to your expectations.

Types of Agriculture Solutions at Greenxor

Greenxor is a leading brand in Pakistan due to providing all-in-all services with guaranteed performance. There are several solutions for agricultural land, and we have summarized all those in the two major categories. Let’s have a look at the solution offered for a solar system for agriculture land:

Solar Tube Well System in Pakistan

Greenxor is now introducing a new trend of agriculture solar system. As you know, tube wells are needed to provide water to the crops without any interruptions. This supply is affected by the power supply shortage. If you get rid of this problem, make your own power system by acquiring our agricultural solar panel systems.
The state-of-the-art farm solar power systems eventually make you independent and supply uninterrupted power whenever you need it. The installation is technical but simple. The overall farm solar system is cost-effective and long-lasting. Greenxor will give the guarantee of the system and overall performance. Keep in mind that the solution is dependent on your requirements. Therefore, first, discuss with us the overall details.

Solar Water Pump System in Pakistan

Water is necessary to keep the land fertile and water pumps run with the help of electricity. What if you are facing excessive load shedding? Don’t worry! Greenxor’s farm solar system or solar panel for agriculture is a vital choice for you. Keep the equipment independent from the utility power, produce clean electricity and run the water pumps anytime you want. Another benefit that you will relish is its cost-efficiency. You don’t need to pay for the electricity bill because the electricity production is totally dependent on sunlight and free.

Don’t think much! Get rid of electricity problems, hire our experts and get the five-star solution at an affordable price. Don’t forget that we are the best service providers in Pakistan.

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