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Industries are considered the most important heritage and the backbone of a country’s economy. It plays a crucial role in the country’s development and runs it to its peak. With the load shedding problems and other electrical power crises in Pakistan, industries are getting affected more. Without a proper power supply, it’s impossible to run them at higher levels. If you are an industrialist and power interruption bothers you, Greenxor is there to help you out. Greenxor is a leading renewable power energy solution and now offering an all-in-all Industrial Solar Solution in Pakistan.

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Not to mention, industries carry a higher energy load compared to household or commercial use. Power has a massive impact on industrial production and is a problem for industry owners. It’s not easy to produce energy via your own power plant because it takes a huge investment. Similarly, the increased electricity tariff is a burden on the pockets of the owners and also the other customers.
Therefore, get an industrial solar energy system, have easy industrial solar installation, and get pure renewable energy all the time. Greenxor offers the best-quality solar panels for industrial use, the finest solar energy generating systems, and easier solar energy power generation at a very reasonable cost.

Types of Industrial Solutions at Greenxor

Greenxor has years of experience in offering industrial solar solutions. Industrial solar power systems make your industry run without the stress of load shedding or other problems. As a whole, Greenxor is offering industrial solar panel installation in three major areas. Let’s have a look at them:

1. On-Grid Industrial Solar Solution

In the On-Grid industrial solar solution, the solar panels produce electrical power that is further merged with the utility power grid. The powerful solar panels produce the most required energy, and the load on the utility grid decreases. The mixing of solar power with the grid is that the sunlight is not enough to meet the industrial energy requirement. Also, you can save money by installing a limited number of panels.

2. Off-Grid Industrial Solar Solution

The off-Grid industrial solar solution involves the industrial solar panel installation and industrial solar power system. Such systems are also known as industrial inverters. The overall power supply is disconnected from the main power utility or utility grid. Simply, all the electrical appliances of the industry are dependent on solar panels. To smoothly run the system, Greenxor always offers the best-quality inverters and premium-quality batteries for long-lasting performance. The intelligent system runs on the solar system during sunlight and depends on powerful batteries when sunlight is unavailable.

3. Hybrid Industrial Solar Solution

In the industry, you will face frequent power discontinuity. If you have the same issues, hybrid industrial solution solar is an ideal choice for solar energy power generation. The backend inverters supply the power without any interruptions, whether it’s day or night. The powerful batteries are used for nighttime power backup, and solar panels create electrical power in the daytime.

Are you still thinking about the power solution? Grab the industrial solar system opportunity offered by Greenxor today. We assure you that we will get rid of all the power shortage problems.

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