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Everyone is aware that Pakistan’s Power Energy sector lacks funds, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced technicians day by day. Greenxor is well aware of your problems and understands how challenging it is to survive without Electricity. If you want to get rid of unnecessary load shedding and redundant electricity bill costs, we are offering an all-in-all solar solution. Hire Greenxor and acquire the best Residential Solar panel Solution in Pakistan.

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Customized Energy Residential Solar Solution for Home

Greenxor is a leading company in Pakistan offering ultramodern Residential Solar System and Solar System for Houses in Pakistan. Our team experts strive to permit you to home solar solutions, home solar panel installation, and whole-house solar energy systems in Pakistan. Get guaranteed residential solar energy services along with after-sales services in terms of post-handover maintenance.

Our customized approach for clients and services meets international standards. We offer only a solution that does not burden your pocket and is reliable for your home. Greenxor always focuses on quality work and doesn’t spend a single dime extra unless you want.

Types of Residential Solutions at Greenxor

According to the current energy crisis in Pakistan, Greenxor is offering three types of solar systems for homes at the residential level:

1. On-Grid Solar Solution For Residential

As the name suggests, you will always be connected with the grid. We also call it a grid-tied solar solution at the market level. The primary purpose of an on-grid system is to provide energy to the main power distribution panel of your home or residential premises. The good thing is, this system works regardless of the end load being operated by the home individuals or family members.

2. Off-Grid Solar Solution For Residential

Such types of home solar energy systems are totally cut-off from the grid power supply. In simple words, the overall solar energy system will work independently. Greenxor utilizes high-quality and long-lasting batteries to power up all the appliances of your house. However, the batteries offer distinctive capacities, and it’s up to you what type and how many appliances you want to run on the solar system. The batteries are a crucial part of this system and, therefore, it is always our team’s focal point. You will be free from paying electricity bills even at night time because our system will light up your home even in the absence of sunlight.

3. Hybrid Solar Solution For Residential

As the world is moving towards renewable and clean energy, hybrid solar solutions are an example of modern systems. As the name suggests, a Hybrid solar solution combines both power supplies such as solar panels and the On-grid system. Here inverters are included and are a fundamental part of solar installation for hybrid solutions. It manages the energy produced from the sunlight and adds with the grid power to run the home appliances. Not to mention, it also stores the energy in the batteries for nighttime use. In short, the solar energy system has the highest demand and is an energy-efficient power solution for homes.

Don’t hesitate! Consult with our team experts and get the best residential solar solution for your home at an affordable price with guaranteed performance.

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