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As you know, Pakistan’s electrical energy sector has been under crisis for many years. If you are an industrialist, you must be aware of the importance of electricity in the commercial sector. You can’t run a commercial sector without power because almost everything runs with the help of electricity. So, what’s the solution to this problem? Should you leave the commercial sector? Don’t panic! Greenxor offers a commercial Solar Solution in Pakistan might be your ideal choice.

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Customized Commercial Solar Solutions

Greexor is one of the best commercial solar system companies in Pakistan, offering state-of-the-art solutions. The commercial solutions include commercial rooftops, commercial solar panels, commercial solar power installation, solar panels for office buildings, and more. Our solution helps run the power smoothly in distinctive areas of the commercial sector. Enjoy an uninterrupted power supply ensured by the solar energy system for commercial buildings, banks, hospitals, educational institutes, hotels, and corporate buildings.
Greenxor’s customized and experienced approach meets all the international power and safety standards. Our team of experts always gives you the best solution at minimal investment. We assure you will get the solution according to your expectations, investment, and other requirements.

Types of Commercial Solutions at Greenxor

Greenxor Solar solution company offers three major types of commercial solar solutions or commercial solar power systems. Let’s have a look below!

1. On-Grid Commercial Solar Solution

As the name suggests, On-Grid commercial solar solution does not cut off the main power supply from the home appliances. Simply, it converts solar energy into electrical energy, supplies it to the home appliances and the main power supply. It does not charge the battery and sends the energy directly to the grid. Usually, such systems are used at commercial or government power stations. Nevertheless, you can also acquire this if you run a big firm.

2. Off-Grid Commercial Solar Solution

Off-Grid solar power solution for commercial use is completely separated from the grid or main power supply. For more understanding, this system produces all the energy independently using commercial solar panel installation and supplies the required power supply to the appliances. Greenxor utilizes the all-in-all solar energy system for commercial buildings. Whether your commercial setup is bigger or smaller, Greenxor is always there to offer state-of-the-art commercial solar energy systems.

3. Hybrid Commercial Solar Solution

Hybrid solar solutions for commercial use deliver the best results utilizing the resources from both worlds. The system consists of intelligent devices that manage all the energy created from the solar panels and perfectly match it with the grid power supply. The system also allows you to charge the batteries for nighttime use without any trouble. In our opinion, the initial cost of a hybrid commercial solar solution might be high, but it’s one of the best commercial solar solutions.

Grab this opportunity to acquire the best and affordable solution. We don’t charge for the consultation, and our team is always there to help you out. Contact today and get the best commercial solution.

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